Most of the time, the leads that book a call with you do so with purpose. Of course, some of your leads may easily become clients without persuasion. However, more common than not, there will be leads who are not confident enough to make that final purchase. 

As a service provider, you want nothing more than to provide results for your clients. Unfortunately, that won't happen if you're working with the wrong clientele. Yes, a sale would be great, but would you really want to work with an unreliable client?


To prevent the inconsistency, I make sure the prospects you work with are pre-qualified. As a business, not only do we want to produce results, but we also want to maintain a good retention rate. A qualified client for your business will verify they get the results they are looking for. 


Prospects love to buy but they hate being sold. A modified approach toward your prospects will show the personalized experience they are entitled to. A simple sales script is made to cater to the great majority, so it may not work with everyone we encounter. The strategic art of closing allows me to connect with the prospect to not only make a sale, but to transform a life. 


What We Offer

We realize that different business are at varying stages in development. We take the time to deeply understand your business and diagnose a tailored sales solution to start increasing your revenue.


Closer Integration

When a lead reaches the end of your sales funnel, we incorporate closers to handle those that want to learn more about what you have to offer.

Not sure if your sales funnel is up to par? Don't worry, we can consult you on establishing a sales funnel that builds trust and credibility.


CRM Software

Having an effective approach toward customer relationship management is key for a functioning sales system. As you grow and gain more leads every day, we can provide a software that will keep all of your incoming and existing leads in order.



Any good closer will not just close your deals, but genuinely follow up with the prospects to ensure they are truly taken care of.


A Team of Top Closers

As your business continues to grow, you may need more than one closer to handle your incoming leads. We provide a team of top closers led by Dan Lok's Directur of Influencer Success, Sukhrupe Nijjar. 



Written language is powerful in terms of communicating what you have to offer. We can further connect with your audience using up to date copywriting techniques to ensure your sales process is  entirely covered.

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